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Welcome to the website of the Royal Swedish Aeroclub!

Flying in Sweden is a pleasant experience. Apart from the beautiful landscape, we have a lot of free airspace and a large amount of flying clubs & airfields all over the country.

The Royal Swedish Aeroclub organizes the powered flight flying clubs in Sweden and represent them towards the Government and the EU.

Flying clubs in Sweden

You will find a list (in Swedish) of flyingclubs here.

Flight information

The Swedish authority LFV provides information on rules and briefing on their webpage, FPC, found on the following address: https://aro.lfv.se

Contact us

We can provide information and guidance before you visit Sweden. Please contact us via e-mail at info@ksak.se.

Some practical advice

Although a lot of airfields are scattered all over Sweden, many of them are small club airstrips and most probably you need to contact them ahead of your visit if you need assistance. Bring cash if you need to purchase fuel. Larger airfields provide handling service during office hours and later in the day. Always use official information regarding opening hours and availability of smaller airfields, carefully observing PPR and noise-abatement information.

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